Alpine Bucks

2016 French Alpine Sires

Dream-Fire Aurek Botello A1710474
Alpha S1 Casein B/F
Sire: Munchin’Hill Aurek
Dam: Dream-Fire W Bliss 

Botello Fall 2016

Botello Fall 2016


Botello daughter in Cob Cottage herd

Botello daughter in Cob Cottage herd


Nixon’s Resume’s Wisdom dau. FS91 EEEE at 4-03

Bred by Lynne Fancher of DreamFire farm, Botello’s sire is Munchin-Hill and his dam combines Nixon Resume’s Wisdom, a very strong doe sire who is plus in the traits we value (fore udder attachment, rear udder height, and rear udder arch) and Willow Run WRAW Jillian who goes back to our Sanstorm and Serendipity roots!

PJ Baileys’ Denali Arioch A1680779
Alpha S1 Casein E/F
Sire: Pleasant Grove Nut Denali
Dam: GCH PJ-Baileys’ Sulten Anzella FS92 EEEE at 5-05

Arioch Nov. 2016

Arioch Nov. 2016

Anzella 8 yrs. Photo by PJ Baileys'.

Anzella 8 yrs. Photo by PJ Baileys’.

Arioch is a son of  GCH PJ-Baileys’ Sulten Anzella- the 2014 National Show Alpine Total Performer and an aged doe we have admired for sometime.  She has 3 GCH daughters. That ability to reproduce herself makes her all the more attractive.



YBNVS Jim’s Envoy  A001558086

FS90 EEV @4-00
Alpha S1 Casein E/01
Sire: Goodwoods James
Dam: YBNVS Relents Emblem  


YBNVS Jim's Envoy ("Steve") at 3 yrs.

YBNVS Jim’s Envoy (“Steve”) at 3 yrs.

“Steve” is another buck from Lisa Eruhow-Hagan of YBNVS.   His first daughter freshened in 2014.   He is a very long, tall buck and at 4 yrs. began to fill out.  He is the biggest buck on the farm and, thankfully,gentle and good-natured.

"Steve's" (Envoy) dam, GCH YBNVS Relent's Emblem FS 90 (eeve) @ 5-06

“Steve’s” (Envoy) dam, GCH YBNVS Relent’s Emblem FS 90 (EEVE) @ 5-06 photo by YBNVS


Reference Bucks

YBNVS Maverick’s Gavin AI  A1366625

Gavin’s dam, YBNVS Navarre Gabriel *M at 2 yrs. photo by YBNVS








Sire: Sanstorms Logical Maverick A0957202

Dam: YBNVS Navarre Gabriel *M A1244284 LA2006, 2004 

We are very grateful to Lisa Eruhow-Hagan of YBNVS for sending us Gavin as a kid. Ironically, he was not my first choice; however,  Lisa suggested this YBNVS Navarre Gabriel son, and we are very happy that she did.

Gavin is a structurally correct buck and has worked well with our herd, which is basically Serendipity and Sanstorm lines.  He has produced outstanding daughters for us.  Among them are  CH Patteran YMG Xarene (EVEE FS 91) and CH Patteran YMG Yellacious One (VVVV FS87).  Other Gavin daughters in other herds are Patteran YMG Xarena (EEEE FS90), Patteran YMG Xtra Nice (VEEV FS 89), and Ch Patteran YMG Lil Xona (VEVE FS90).   Gavin semen is available from Patteran. 

GCH Nixon’s Resume’s Wisdom

Nixon's Resume's Wisdom photo by L. Fancher

Nixon’s Resume’s Wisdom photo by L. Fancher

Sire: Nixon’s Calculating Resume A1253621
Dam: Nixon’s Showy Tweed A1342560
We were fortunate to be able to lease Wisdom from Lynne Fancher of DreamFire Farm . His descendants that are now in the herd retain his style and dairy strength. He sired CH Patteran RW Lil Zona FS-92 EEEE at 5-01 as well as several other high appraising daughters (including the dam of Flying J’s Handsome Hank above). Semen is available from Dream Fire Farm.

 Iron-Rod’s Shiner Bock

Iron Rod Abner Sharming                Iron Rod Shiner BockPhotos by Iron Rod.

Iron-Rod Shiner Bock A153942

Sire: Iron Rod Carlos J. Siempre A1465193
Dam: Iron Rod Abner Sharming (above)  A1349589
FS90 VEVE @5-00


Iron-Rod Sullivan Advance A1415337

Iron-Rod Sullivan Advance at 2 yrs. photo by Sutton.

Sire: Iron-Rod JLS Sullivan A1283335
Dam: Iron-Rod Tartan’s Angelique A1078284

Having reserved a buckling from Iron-Rod STG Andalusia sired by “Sullivan” with no luck, when we had the chance to acquire Advance, the maternal 1/2 sib of Andalusia and sired by Sullivan, we did so.  Angelique (LA FS90) traces to that same Mystic Acclaim, Sanstorm, Serendipity base as the original Patteran Alpines. Advance came to us as a 4 year old, with two appraised daughters with an average FS of 87.5.  He settled in well and while he arrived after breeding season of 2010, we used him for 2012 and 2013 kids.  Our thanks to Angela Peevy, Montage, for making him available and helping us get him to Texas.

Iron-Rod Tartan’s Angelique FS 90 (EEEV) Photo by Iron Rod.

YBNVS Revolutionary Zulu AI  

CH. Hill N Holler Navarre Zoe FS90. Photo by YBNVS.

Sire: Hoach’s Revolution +*B
Dam: CH Hill N Holler Navarre Zoe VEEE FS90

While in Oregon and Washington over a period of several years, I saw the purebred Alpines in Lisa Eruhow-Hagan’s YBNVS  herd.  Zoe, a 1999 doe, was a striking example of the breed. She was simply well put together and has maintained that structural soundness into old age.  Zulu daughters and granddaughters in our herd have had tremendous height and width to rear udder. Zulu semen is available.