Saanen Bucks


Beornings Endeavor

Sire: Tunnel’s End AFR Joshua FS88 (VVE) @4-02
Dam: Beornings Astilbe FS89 (EVEV) @ 04-00

Beornings Endeavor Jul 2015

Beornings Endeavor Jul 2015








Endeavor is from Ruth Phillips-Grant’s Beornings herd in Connecticut and brings in Araby Farms and Aspen Hills lines on his sire’s side and Hy-Crest and Lake Country through his dam.  These are lines that are largely different from our purebred base. While the purebred gene pool is a limited one,  we are “endeavoring” to reduce the relatedness of animals that we contribute to the purebred Saanen breed.  Linebreeding and close breeding still have a place, but each breeder must also strive to expand the diversity available to other purebred breeders while improving the quality of their animals.

Endeavor has the angulation in the hindlegs that is lacking in so many animals – he also is growthy and open in the escutcheon.  We look forward to using him on our does this fall and offering a limited number of 2016 kids from him.

Starlit Hill Simeon 

Sire: Starlit Hills LTD Axel
Dam: CH Tradewinds RL Sirius  FS86 (VVVV) @ 01-04

CH Tradewinds RL Sirius

CH Tradewinds RL Sirius

Simeon joined the herd well into the 2014 breeding season. Although he was young, we have two does bred to him and look forward to working with his lines.  A thank you to Barb Knilans, Starlit Hills, for making him available.  A limited amount of semen will be available.

Kapra-Vista Trace Samuel 

Kapra-Vista Trace Samuel

Kapra-Vista Trace Samuel

Sire: Kapra-Vista Trace of Sun (7 dau, 3 herds, 9 appraisals av FS-85.9)
SS: Sing-Spruce Vermillion Sun (15 dau, 8 herds, 19 appraisals av FS-85.9)
SD:  Kapra-Vista Sharidan Tsarami FS92 (EEEE) @ 07-05
Dam: Kapra-Vista Tsaesar Shairone FS92 (VEEE) @ 05-05   6 x Top Ten
6-0 305-4592-3.1% 141 lbs. 3.2% 147 lbs.

A 4 yr old with dam and sire’s dam with FS-92, we felt we needed to add Samuel to the breeding program when we had the chance. Like Simeon, he wasn’t available until well into breeding season.  A very angular, uphill buck with high production and appraisal scores behind him, Sam brings in Kapra Vista and Singing Spruce with a strong Lake Country foundation. We are indebted to Jeanette Haass (Kapra-Vista) for breeding this quality of animal and for the insights she shared with regard to his quality. Semen available. 

Patteran RRRG Zytico

Sire: Rocky Run Rogue’s Gabriel (below)
Dam:  CH Patteran Philosopher My Exotic FS-91 VEEE @11-0 yrs


Zytico @ 3yrs

tag 70 9-07leftside

CH “My Exotic” 10 yrs old

Patteran RRRG Zytico,  by Rocky Run Gabriel out of Ch Patteran Philosopher My Exotic apppraised 84 at 3 years of age and is the sire of Zytico Annee, FS 90.

Clovertop’s L.M. Liano (3-01 FS-87)

Liano's full sister in the Clovertop herd. Photo by Drake.

Liano’s full sister in the Clovertop herd. Photo by Drake.

Clovertop's L.M. Liano

Clovertop’s L.M. Liano. Taylor 2012.






From the Clovertop herd of Ray Vieira and Manuel Cabrito, Liano is an angular, structurally correct buck.  This buck has the rear leg angulation that many mature bucks lack. In our  small herd, Liano has not been used to the extent we feel he should be; however, this year he has been used more heavily. We are glad that his sons from some of our best does have gone into other purebred herds where they are reportedly working very well.

Clovertop LM Liano. Taylor. 2015

Clovertop’s LM Liano. Taylor. 2015

Reference Sires

 *B Rocky-Run Rogue's Gabriel at age 8 FS 84 + + E

*B Rocky-Run Rogue’s Gabriel at age 8 FS 84 + +

*B Rocky-Run Rogue’s Gabriel (2002-2011) came to us late in the fall of 2008. Gabe is sired by *B CH Rocky-Run LC’s Rogue AI with 6 dau,12 appraisals and an average FS of 86.4.  His dam is SGCH Rocky-Run F Angel AI 9*M, 05-03 91 EVEE.  His first kids were born here early Summer of 2009.  Although Gabe is a proven sire, he has surprisingly few purebred offspring.  While Gabe is not a large buck, we are very pleased with his correct structure and that of the kids he is siring.  He sired multiple daughters appraised for a total of 12 appraisals FS average of 87.4 in 2013.  We thank Elizabeth Schnebel for selling him to us and Pat Hendrickson of Rocky Run for breeding him.

SGCH Rocky Run Angel 9*M FS-91, dam of Gabriel. Photo by Hendrickson.


Patteran WBRL My Yeoman AI FS89 VEE @ 4-01

Sire: +*B Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren (“Ralph”)
Dam: CH Patteran Philosopher My Exotic FS-91 VEEE @11-0 yrs.

Patteran WBRL Yeoman

Patteran WBRL Yeoman at 4 yrs.

Yeoman, a maternal half-brother to Zytico, became infertile at the age of 5. We have the last twin does that he sired as well as several other daughters.

Whey-To-Go Victor’s Vaquero

Sire: Two-Ceders Nuggets Victor LA 91
Dam: Two-Ceder’s Venis LA 90 VEEE

Whey-To-Go Victor's Vaquero

Whey-To-Go Victor’s Vaquero

Two-Ceders Venis LA 90 VEEE