Purebred Saanen Breedings for 2019

Reservations and Shipping policies are on the linked page. All the animals in our herd are purebreds. We simply enjoy working with that population, hoping to increase numbers and improve quality in our own herd and in those of like-minded people. We give preference to breeders who are working with purebred Saanens when we are selling our stock.  While we have been in the process of re-building our purebred Saanen herd, we will be selling some milkers in late spring.

Contact us if you want more information on a certain animal. If you are looking for certain traits or want to avoid others, we are happy to work with you and suggest individuals that might best fit your needs.

Kids are usually priced at $300-$600 for doelings and $350-$800 for bucklings under 3 weeks of age.  We can (and sometimes prefer to) keep kids until closer to weaning age in some cases.  We reserve the right to retain or refuse sale of any kid.

Doe Due Bred to
P. RRRG Snow Aglow  B/E FS87 +VEE @4-04 4-9-17 Willow-Lane Shogun POW  E/F
P. Zytico Annee E/F FS90 VEEE @4-03 3-15-17 Willow-Lane Shogun POW  E/F
P. Liano Snow Eon E/E FS89 VEVE @2-01 3-15-17 AI Rocky-Run Dill Seed
P. Zytico Fave E/F FS86 ++VV @1-01 4-4-17 Clovertop’s Lyman F/F
P. Simeon Snow Faery E/F 4-27-17 Willow-Lane Shogun POW  E/F
P.Liano Flamande B/E 4-3-17 Kapra-Vista Trace Samuel B/B
P. Liano Falene E/E FS82 A+AV 3-30-17 Kapra-Vista Trace Samuel B/B
P. Endeavor Fab 3-16-17 Kapra-Vista Trace Samuel B/B
P. KVTS Annee Honee B/E 4-14-17 Willow-Lane Shogun POW  E/F
P. KVTS Snow Hello B/E 3-15-17 Patteran RRRG Zytico F/F
P. KVTS Snow HoHo B/B 3-12-17 Patteran RRRG Zytico F/F
P. Simeon Hey-Babe E/F 3-15-17 Kapra-Vista Trace Samuel B/B