Reservation and Shipping Policy

To reserve a kid, a $100 reservation fee is required. Prices posted online are for reserved kids up to the age of 3 weeks of age. Special arrangements can be made to keep kids longer. Reservations are refundable if the selected kid(s) is not available.  Please indicate your first and second choice. We reserve the right to refund reservations and cancel a sale.  The buyer may withdraw their reservation at any time; however, no refund will be made in that case. It may be applied to a later order in some cases.

A reserved kid that remains on the farm after 3 weeks of age will be considered available for resale unless the buyer has contacted us and we have agreed (in writing)  to keep the kid longer.  If your first choice kid is not available, we will make every effort to help you meet your needs and recommend a comparable animal.  Please select a 2nd and even a 3rd choice if possible. If a doe does not freshen as we expect, no kids may be available. In that case, reservations would be applied to another choice or refunded.

Shipping We ship out of Dallas-Ft. Worth International.  Kids and estimated shipping costs must be paid prior to shipping. While we have preferred airlines, we are aware that changes are taking place. Our concern first and primary is the welfare of the kid.  We will do our best to work with our buyers to have kids arrive at a time and place that is convenient. However, that may require driving to a large airport in your region. The price of shipping will add $250-300 or more to the cost of a kid depending on age and size. This page may not show the most recent reservations.

If you are interested in a  healthy CAE, CL negative doe, we may have a milking doe to meet your needs.  Having had a large commercial herd (200+ head), we are enjoying keeping our numbers limited —  to about 30 head of French Alpines and purebred Saanens. We are determined to keep no more animals than are needed for our breeding program and house cheese! Breeders who are focusing on preserving and even building the purebred gene pool will get preference whenever we sell. That is particularly true if they are on DHIR or appraise yearly. We also reserve the right to keep any kid born and to refund deposits if we do not have an appropriate kid for the buyer.

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