Livestock Protection Dogs Available

If predation is a problem or a potential problem, don’t wait to invest in a livestock protection dog.

Over the years, we have found our Turkish dogs, both Akbash and Kangal Dogs, to be reliable, 24/7 predation deterrents for our sheep, goats, poultry, and mother cows.  Check our Facebook page for Patteran Dairy Goats for updates on our stock and our dogs.

"Tex" a very serious girl.

“Tex” a very serious Akbash Dog with her does.

OUR POLICIES –We guarantee our dogs against genetic problems — including entropion, demodectic mange, epilepsy – conditions some breeders say are not genetic, as well as joint issues.  We recommend that working dogs be neutered at about 12-14 months unless they are primarily kept as breeding animals. 

Our observations and work with a variety of breeds has led us to the conclusion that a dog’s success is 40% the dog’s genetics and being started right + 40% owner management once the dog arrives (good fencing, reinforcement for correct behavior, reprimand for incorrect behavior, matching the livestock with the dog – perhaps shifting the dog at certain stages of its development) + 20% livestock behavior (aggressive stock can either create a fearful or an aggressive lpd; dog-fearful stock can result in an unbonded dog that leaves the stock; immature, playful stock can result in an immature, playful dog chasing, playing with, and eventually biting stock)  

Ch. Chomar, an 8 yr old Kangal Dog with his kids.

Ch. Chomar, an 8 yr old Kangal Dog with his kids.

We have observed breed differences. In our opinion, cross breeding dogs results in less predictable behavior and requires a more attentive owner. Certain breeds wander more than the Turkish Akbash and Kangal Dogs. Others are more people aggressive than these two Turkish native breeds.  Still others are less stray dog unfriendly or even less brave when facing a large predator.

Protecting livestock from predation requires a number of tools.  Just as other tools, such as fencing, require some attention and maintenance, so do lpds. Good lpd management begins with early exposure to livestock and good fencing to discourage pups from expanding their territory.  Our pups are socialized to people but not bonded to them. That is, they do not expect to leave the pasture or barn and go to the house with their humans.

Looking for a farm/family companion? Contact us – let our decades of experience help you find the right dog for your situation.

 Akbash Dogs 

All our 2015 pups are sold. However, we are planning  a 2016 fall litter.
For Reference: Our Turkish import, SUVF Toros of Patteran

CH SUVF Toros of Patteran, Turkish import

CH SUVF Toros of Patteran, Turkish import








Kangal Dogs 

Kangal Dogs Available – Please do not confuse these with “Anatolian Shepherd Dogs” or “Boz Dogs” — neither of which is a native breed in Turkey. Our dogs are pure Turkish Sivas-Kangal Dogs, though now  Kangal Dogs no longer  come only from the Sivas region of Turkey.

Gallery of photos – contact us at for information concerning dogs currently available. 

Imp. Murat x Esel litter at 5 weeks.

Imp. Murat x Esel litter at 5 weeks.

female white paw 1

2015 8 wk old Murat x Esel pup.








A co-owned 2015 litter was born to Anne Hedge of White Hedge Farms. Sired by the imported Turkish Kangal Dog, SVF Murat USDA and out of Esel, a US bred female from our foundation working dogs.

Turkmen Kaptan Bey

CH Turkmen Kaptan Bey


Ozge with new pups

Imported SVF Ozge with new pups







We have kept a male pup from the Bey x Ozge litter for future breeding. He is currently with goats.

 Turkmen Dost’s Riziko (below)  —SOLD  This adult female is from one of our favorite female lines and sired by a Turkish import of imposing size. Ziko is as large as most males on our place and has proven trustworthy, attentive, and protective of sheep and goats, including newborns. While her dam was with chickens as well, Ziko has not been. We would consider placing her in the right home.  

Riziko with her sheep

Riziko with her sheep


Riziko with sheep Oct 2015

Riziko with sheep Oct 2015

What we have been up to – 2012 to early 2016

Due to our long term commitment to the current USDA/ USU livestock protection dog research project which involves our housing and starting imported pups with sheep until they are ready to go to cooperating ranchers in MT, ID, WA, WY, and OR, we  greatly curtailed our own breeding. 

However, the majority of imports have now arrived, been started, and have gone to ranchers who will take over ownership of the dogs when the USDA research project ends in 2016.  We have enjoyed expanding our own experience with the various dog breeds imported by the USDA, namely,  Bulgarian Karakachans, Portuguese Cao de Gado Transmontano, and Turkish Kangal Dogs – the first legally imported Turkish Kangal Dogs brought into North America since the export ban on native species went into effect more than a decade ago.

We are now breeding to meet reservations by approved livestock owners, both in the U.S. and abroad, who want working and/or breeding dogs.  Contact us about your needs.

5 Turkish import Kangal Dog pups learning the ropes before they go out on larger ranches.








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