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French Alpine and Purebred Saanen Milking Does for Sale  SOLD

All milkers have been sold.  We will be selling milkers in the spring of 2017. Contact us for further information – please email or call.

2015 Alpine Bucklings for Sale

Patteran Extant Flash A1719076  $400  For Sale

DOB: 3-29-15
Sire: Patteran Envoy Extant
Dam: Patteran Shiner Darling  FS84 (+V+V) @ 01-04
A severe case of mastitis ended Darling’s show days; however, the quality of her mammary with her depth of pedigree makes her a valued doe that will be remaining in the herd. We are keeping Flash’s sister, Patteran Extant Fling. Extant was sold to Patsy Trigg in 2015, but we were fortunate both to collect and to use him before he left. 

Patteran Shiner Darling. Taylor. 2015

Patteran Shiner Darling. Taylor. 2015

2012 B14 RW Barrista 2

Darling’s dam and look alike, Patteran RW Barrista, shown here as a yearling milker.


Patteran Shiner Darling.

Patteran Shiner Darling.












Patteran Shiner Flights A1729458 $450  SOLD
DOB: 5-1-15 Chamoise
Sire: Iron-Rod Shiner Bock
Dam: CH (pending) Patteran Envoy Delight FS83 (+E++) @ 01-04
Appraised as a first freshener, Delight has only gotten better, easily placing Gr and BOB at the first 3 2015 shows as a 2 yr. old second freshener.  Her mammary system with its extension of fore udder and its strength of medial  is what we expected to see in our Envoy daughters. Envoy was reserved when we saw his full sister, CH YBNVS Jim Endora  FS92 (EEEE) @ 05-03.  Flights has the same exceptional rump length and width seen in his dam’s female line.  In 2016, Delight appraised FS90 VEVE at 3-01.

"Steve's" (Envoy) dam, GCH YBNVS Relent's Emblem FS 90 (eeve) @ 5-06

“Steve’s” (Envoy) dam, GCH YBNVS Relent’s Emblem FS 90 (EEVE) @ 5-06

Shiner x Ch Darling son July 2015

Shiner x Ch Delight son July 2015







Saanen 2016 Doelings   ALL SOLD




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