Alpine Breedings for 2019

If we know what specific traits you are looking for, we will suggest kids based on our knowledge of their background.  The kids will be priced based on their quality, pedigree, age, and dam’s appraisal score. 2019 LA is scheduled in mid June Prices range from $350-650+. We can ship.

We will be selling a number of does after they kid or after LA this year.

Doe Due Bred to  Kidded
CH P. Envoy Delight F/01 deceased
FS83 (+E++)@ 1-04
FS90 (VEVE) @3-01, @4-04
An angular powerful doe with a correct mammary and strong feet and legs
4-02-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) 1 b L19 (01/01)

1 d reserved

CH P. YMG Fiona F/F  FS86 (+EVV) @02-01
Not as tall as some of the other does, Fiona has tremendous body capacity and a smoothly attached, productive udder;  has kidded repeatedly with trips.
3-26-19  Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) 1 d L18 reserved

1 d L17 available

Nodaway Gavin Nuance  E/E sold
Slow maturing, at 4 yrs Nuance blossomed.
2-01-19 Dream-Fire Aurek Botello  (B/F)  1 d L1 (E/F)

1 d L2 Reserved

P. Botello Jaunty B/F
Granddau of Delight, Jaunty is even taller, just as angular with tremendous width in the rump and in her rear udder; milking 12-14 lbs less than 30 days fresh.
Trips again!
 PJ Baileys’ Denali Arioch (E/F)  2 b
P. WREC Jetling F/F sold 2-24-19 Dream-Fire Aurek Botello  (B/F) 2 b – sold
P. Arioch Jing-a-Ling B/E 2-24-19 Dream-Fire Aurek Botello  (B/F) SOLD
P. Arioch Jalousie E/F 4-07-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) 1 b
Missdee’s BO Aurelie B/E
Aurelie is feminine and angular with a well-attached mammary.
3-17-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) 2 b cou bl
Missdee’s PV Fandango A/E 4-15-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01)   x
P. Arioch Kiddin’ Around 4-10-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) 1 B
P. Arioch Ka-Ling B/E 4-03-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) 1 B


P. Arioch Khalifa A/E 4-16-19 YBNVS Jim’s Envoy E/01 1 d RESERVED
P. Arioch Knockout B/F 4-19 YBNVS Jim’s Envoy E/01 2 D L32
P. Arioch Keen 4-17-19 YBNVS Jim’s Envoy E/01 1 D L31
P. Botello Korina B/F 4-21-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) Open
P. Envoy Kaela A/01 4-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01)
P. Envoy Kalypso A/E 4-23-19 Pleasant-Grove RR Justified (A/01) Open