Alpine Breedings for 2017

We take reservations for kids from specific breedings. If you are making a reservation, we recommend that you also make a second choice.  If we know what specific traits you are looking for, we will suggest kids based on our knowledge of their background.  The kids will be priced based on their quality, pedigree, age, and dam’s appraisal score. Prices range from $350-650+. We can ship.

Doe Due Bred to  
CH P. Envoy Delight F/01
FS83 (+E++)
@ 1-04
FS90 (VEVE) @ 03-01
3-14-17 AI GCH Nixon’s Resume’s Wisdom
1 D Res
P. Shiner Darling B/F
FS84 +V+V @1-04 B/F
3-15-17 AI Willow Run Elijah Compliance (A/F) Reserved
P. Envoy Ez-Zona E/E 4-6-17 Dream-Fire Aurek Botello  (B/F)  
P. YMG Fiona F/F 2-23-17  Dream-Fire Aurek Botello  (B/F)  
P. Extant Fling B/F 4-25-17  PJ Baileys’ Denali Arioch (E/F) 1 Doe Res
P. Shiner Fancy F/F  3-17 Dream-Fire Aurek Botello  (B/F)  
P. Envoy Hella  F/01 4-21-17  PJ Baileys’ Denali Arioch (E/F)  
P. Arioch Heidi-Ho A/F 4-22-17 Dream-Fire Aurek Botello  (B/F)  
Nodaway Gavin Nuance  E/E 4-28-17  PJ Baileys’ Denali Arioch (E/F)  
Nodaway Gavin Snarfi  A/E 4-27-17  PJ Baileys’ Denali Arioch (E/F)