Alpine Does

Ch Patteran YMG Yellacious One Y12
 4-00 FS-89 (VEVE)
5-03 FS-90 (VEVE)

Sire: YBNVS Maverick’s Gavin
Dam: Patteran Hellacious P-Rageous

Our Hellacious doe -- one of the few progeny that traces to Hill n Holler J Velvet's Valdez

Our Hellacious doe — one of the few progeny that traces to Hill n Holler J Velvet’s Valdez

y12 left side

What sets Y12 apart from other does is the width in her hindquarters, beginning with width in the loin, hip bones, and pin bones, and going down to wide, open hocks. Like Z6, she sets her hind feet wide apart.  Not as long in the rump as some of our other does, her width in the rump excels most other does.

Competing against her herdmates and other competitive does in this area, she finished her championship in 2013 as a 4 yr. old.   We have retained her 2013 daughter sired by Iron-Rod Sullivan’s Advance.  The daughter, Patteran Advance D’Hellacious D1 (see below), has hindquarter structure very similar to her mother’s with additional length of rump.  One judge commented that D1, although a yearling first freshener, was “national show quality” — and we feel he is right.

Patteran Advance D’Hellacious (D1)
1-05 FS 88 (+EEE)

Sire: Iron Rod Sullivan Advance
Dam: CH Patteran YMG Yellacious One

D1 on appraisal day.

D1 at 15 months.

D1 rear udder on appraisal day.










D1  won two legs as a yearling milker.  She is an exceptional young doe, and we are looking forward to her next freshening. She was dry in 2015.  Her son, Extant, was bred to a couple of our does before he was sold to the Trigg herd.  Her grand-daughter Patteran Extant Fling is undefeated as a yearling first freshener.

Patteran YMG Z-Lil Peg Z3
FS 91 (EEVE)@ 5-03

Sire: YBNVS Maverick’s Gavin  6 dau, 9 appraisals, 2 herds av FS-88.1
Dam: Patteran Neno Lil Peg 9 yrs FS-90 (1st appraisal)

Z3 rt side RRDGA

CH Patteran YMG Z-Lil Peg Z3, 4nd freshening 5 yr old

Z3 is out of one of our favorite does (see reference does to see dam).  She lost her kids early her first kidding as a 2 yr. old and didn’t really begin to come into her own until she freshened as a 4 yr. old.  We were very happy when she won a CH leg in tough competition in 2013.  In 2014, she finished her championship in short order.  With her old fashioned purebred pedigree and sound mammary and feet and legs, we expect this doe to do well as she ages — look at her mother!


Patteran Legacy Encore  (AI)

Sire: Roeburn’s Legacy
Dam: Patteran Envoy Carina 2-05 FS 86 (VEV+)

Encore will be bred for 2016 kids. Below are her sire’s dam and full sister.

SGCH Roeburn's BR Rose of Sharon FS-92 (EEEE) @5-04 photo by Roeburn's

Roeburn’s Legacy’s dam, SGCH Roeburn’s BR Rose of Sharon FS-92 (EEEE) @ 5-04 Photo by Roeburn’s


Roeburn’s Legacy’s full sister, GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Muy Caliente FS 90 (VVEE) @ 3-05 photo by Roeburn’s








Patteran Shiner Darling D10

Sire: Iron-Rod Shiner Bock
Dam: Patteran RW Barrista (see reference does)

Patteran Shiner Darling D10

Patteran Shiner Darling D10

As young yearling milker, Darling (D10) is very similar to her dam, Barrista.  As a second freshener she was even better, but a severe case of mastitis has ended any thought of a show career. She is staying in the herd as is her 2015 doeling by Extant (the son of D1, above).

REFERENCE DOES These does are related to does currently in our herd. Some have been sold; others are deceased. 

Patteran RW Lil Zona as a 2 yr. old

Ch Patteran RW Lil Zona at 5 yrs.

Ch Patteran RW Lil Zona at 5 yrs.

CH Patteran RW Lil Zona Z6    DECEASED
2-00 FS-83  (AVAE)
5-01 FS-92 (EEEE)

Sire: Nixon’s Resume’s Wisdom
Dam: CH Patteran YGM Lil Xona FS-90 (see reference does below)

Zona Z6 was a very dairy doe with correct structure.   Unfortunately, because of her heavy milk production, she looked her best when she was 5-6 months into lactation – after the usual appraisal and show schedule. Sometimes what they say of horses is true for even dairy goats:  “the prettiest color is fat!”  

In silhouette, she had good length of bone, in-curving thighs, and angulated, open hindlegs with a wide rump. She is very much the result of our breeding for over a decade for our commercial dairy herd — good feet, excellent mammary, outstanding persistence of lactation. We were very pleased when she finished her championship against tough competition in 2014 and was appraised for the second time with a FS-92 (EEEE). 

She freshened in 2013 AI by  One Oak Hill Dragonsault. Her son is in the commercial Pure Luck Herd of Amelia Sweethardt. They are pleased with the look and the production he is stamping on his daughters.  

CH Patteran YMG Lil Xona X09,  FS 90
Dam of Patteran RW Lil Zona Z6 above 

One of the heaviest milking does we have ever bred, Xona has unfortunately never been on test.  In many ways she is the epitome of a dairy animal.  Everything about her said “Produce!” Her conformation was designed to sustain her productivity. She is now in Lanelle Lindell’s herd. 

Patteran Neno Lil Peg
At the age of 9, “Peg” appraised VEEE FS90 (2001-2013)

Patteran Neno Lil Peg came to the new farm from the dairy.  She loved the open spaces of the new farm. In 2010 at the age of 9, P50, as she is known here, appraised VEEE FS-90. She is the dam of CH Patteran YMG Z-Lil Peg, one of the few doe kids she ever had!!

SGCh Patteran YMG Xarene EVEE FS-91 at 3 yrs.

It was a wet, rainy day when we clipped Ch Patteran YMG Xarene (X5 – 2007-2013) and her opinion of the whole process shows in her demeanor!  As a 3 year old, she went to 4 shows and came home with 3 GCHs and a Reserve. When she appraised in 2010, she appraised EVEE FS 91 as a third freshener. In 2012, she also appraised FS 91. We value her influence in the herd through her daughters and granddaughters. 

Patteran Envoy Carina C6
2-05 FS 86 (VEV+)

Sire: YBNVS Jim’s Envoy AI
Dam:  SGCH  Patteran YMG Xarene FS 91 (VEEE) @5-02

Patteran Envoy Corene C6 as a second freshening 2 yr. old, May 2014.

Patteran Envoy Carina C6 as a second freshening 2 yr. old, May 2014.

Carina has the size and stretch of her dam SGCH Patteran YMG Xarene FS 91. She was bred and settled AI twice. Her daughters from those matings have stayed in our herd.

Third freshening 3 yr. old Carina waiting to be milked.

Third freshening 3 yr. old Carina waiting to be milked.

Patteran RW Barrista B14

Patteran RW Barrista(B14) is a daughter of Ch. Xarene (X5) above sired by Nixon’s  Resume’s Wisdom.  Her daughter by Iron-Rod Shiner Bock,  Pattteran Shiner Darling (D10), remains in our herd. 




Patteran Zulu Approve (A10) is the daughter of Y12 above and YBNVS Revolutionary Zulu.  A first freshening two year old  in 2012, she appraised FS 87 (VV+E) with a rear udder arch of 36 and rear udder height of 44.  Her 2013 daughter D15 by YBNVS Jim’s Envoy remains in the herd.

Patteran Zulu Approve, dam of Patteran Envoy Delight D15

Patteran Zulu Approve, dam of Patteran Envoy Delight D15


Patteran RW Zella Hellacious (Z1) is a cou clair daughter of Nixon’s Resume’s Wisdom and Patteran Yellacious Too. SOLD

Patteran RW Zella Hellacious Z1 2011

Patteran RW Zella Hellacious Z1 , first freshening 2 yr. old, winning all 4 of her classes, Decatur Texas, 2011